Historic Maps on your Smartphone
(I-Phone, Android, or Windows Phone 8)

1.     Go to the app store for your device.
Tap in the Search box and type arcgis…IT’s FREE!
2.   The Link looks like this:

3.     Download – Install. You will probably need to login to the app store using your account to accept the install. It will take a minute or two to download and install depending on the speed of your connection.

4.   Once the install has completed, do NOT sign in. Find the spy glass and Search For Maps.

5.   Type “Louisa” in the search box – You should see Louisa Gilmer and Louisa Hotchkiss as available choices. Select one of the historic maps and open.

6.   Once the map opens, look for the locator icon on the screen and tap it to activate gps.

7.   The device may ask for permission to use your location. If you accept, your location will drop on the app and trace your course through history.

IF the historic map doesn’t show up immediately but you do see the aerial imagery, try pinching in or zooming out until the historic map draws. The map is best for resolutions between 1:2,000 and 1:100,000. Happy Trails!

To access Louisa County’s digital archive, go to  www.piedmontvahistory.org  Once here, a search for “maps” will bring you to the links to web pages of historic maps and tours on our ArcGIS platform. More will be coming soon, so check in often.

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